Movement is an amazing thing! It means things, life, and issues are passing along just like scenery going by while driving in a car. When we move and have our being in the sweet presence of God within us that same presence moves us outwardly as well.

Movement has a magic all of its own. We never are meant to stand still in life. Standing in water that has no movement creates stagnation. Only water that has movement is filled with life and vitality. We are the same.

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or grief, continue to move in your life. Sometimes we have to force ourselves but it is always worth it to have a new perspective or a new area in life to grow and expand. Movement begets movement. What we put out there in the universe will always multiply. We are told in the bible to be fruitful and multiply. Multiplication comes from fruitfulness and movement. We gain momentum in life by allowing ourselves to be moved onward. When the universe and powers that "be" notice we are creating force in our lives then it reciprocates with a like force that keeps us moving.

Since like attracts like we are motivated to keep on going merely by the excitement that movement can bring. If your life becomes stale then depression can set in by sitting in darkness and not moving forward. The bible tells us if we are sitting in darkness then God will be the light that brings us through. Notice in this statement, not only light is brought into life but also a drawing through into more life.

If you need motivation to draw through, seek out the light in spiritual exploration. Find the power of God in the light to help draw you forward. Light reflected onto the human body through the eyes will combat depression. The light of God will help keep you motivated and combat your stagnation.

Helping you to grow your life and loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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When I was in my late teens and early 20's I used to drive through a great deal of traffic on my way home from work. I am not talking about a large stream of traffic but bumper -to- bumper stalled traffic. It took me at least an hour to make a 25- minute trip home. I was stressed daily and so tired from working all day long. All I could think of was getting home and finally eating dinner, relaxing, and not worrying about traffic.

In the process, I used to often get the shakes like I was having a sugar drop. It became so bad I usually traveled with extra food to eat on the way home. The food took my mind off of the traffic anyway! Even though my medical exams never could show I had any low blood sugar issues, the episodes continued to occur. Over time I came to realize it was not a sugar drop at all. The food helped but it also took my mind off of the traffic while I was eating. It was not until quite a few years later I realized I was suffering from the stress of my day and anxiety. Comfort food seemed to help so I assumed my body needed it to keep up my sugar levels.

This is a good lesson on never assuming anything is true until we have solid evidence of what is really going on. Now I can look back and recognize the signs. I had shaking hands, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, and higher heart breath. I realized over time my body could act like I am hungry but what was really happening was an anxiety attack. Food just became a distraction from what was happening to me.

This brings me to a couple of really important points. Before you assume you know what is happening, get a complete medical diagnosis to rule out any real physical problems. If everything comes back normal and there is no reason for further testing, you might be suffering from anxiety from stress or any other trigger. Anxiety attacks can feel like a sugar drop and make you feel hungry and thirsty, among other things.

Try some deep belly breathing and meditative breathing to see if your symptoms begin to get better. Consider when your episodes occur and if they are at the same time every day or fluctuate. Keep a record of when you have them and see if anything correlates with your episodes. Sometimes the effects of caffeine in coffee can have a strong effect on certain people later on in the day. If your episodes seem to be linked to caffeine or even processed sugar it might be time for a diet change.

Sometimes hypnosis can reveal subconscious reasons for anxiety or nervousness. Hypnosis sessions can help tap into your subconscious mind to draw out stressors you might not be aware of. Booking sessions with me would be extremely beneficial in discovery of issues that are hidden from your conscious mind. When meditative sessions are combined with hypnosis and talk sessions, some powerful changes have an opportunity to take place! I highly recommend giving these sessions a chance to help with your anxiety issues. Just remember to get a full medical examination to make sure your problems are not coming from a physical issue first. Even if you have physical problems you will still benefit from the hypnosis and meditative sessions.

Don't leave your life to chance or assumption concerning episodes occurring that might be stress and anxiety! There are solutions to help you cope and live a free life. ** My sessions are not to take the place of medical advice from a medical doctor but to enhance your journey while dealing with other issues, especially anxiety!

I think at one time or another everyone experiences anxiety! I remember when I first became a public speaker I felt like I was going to pass out! My hands got clammy. My mouth became dry as a desert. I felt like my head was spinning and my heart started to race like I was running a marathon but I was not going anywhere. Experience made public speaking easier in time but the old anxious feeling began all over again when I found myself out of my element.

In the beginning I spoke about God, spirituality and ministry in the church. I loved those days! But things changed when I had to change the subject. When I was an undergraduate for my first psychology degree I had to take a public speaking class. The assignment instructed that we had to choose a subject we were not familiar with and give a speech for our final grade. I thought, "Oh this is a piece of cake!" By then I had been speaking for awhile and even let my professor know I did public speaking quite often. I researched Komodo dragons of all things! I knew nothing about them and that was the idea. The subject had to be unfamiliar to us. I prepared my speech with pictures to hold up and everything! I was READY! Oh my gosh was I surprised when I stood up to give my speech! My legs became like noodles, my mouth had that old familiar desert feeling and my eyes even watered! Imagine my exasperation when I finally got to the front of the class and my rear end began to shake uncontrollably! I feel like I want to panic all over again just thinking about it! I did receive an "A" for my speech but the anxious feeling was something I never have forgotten (obviously)! I was pretty embarrassed after all of my talk about being a seasoned speaker!

An anxiety attack is no laughing matter though; especially when it happens for the first time. We tend to feel like we must be dying. Anxiety can be triggered by many things and can become very debilitating when we don't understand what it is or how to deal with it. According to the Mayo Clinic some of the symptoms can be:


Feeling restless

Inability to sleep


Feeling very nervous

Heartrate can be increased



(and the list goes on...)

Anxiety stems from various triggers that activate the "fight or flight" response in the body. This is a reaction caused by the sympathetic nervous system due to a sense of danger. The problem is, the danger is usually non existent. Our bodies were created to prepare for impending danger. When there is no danger it all shows in the form of an anxious response. The heart rate amps up to get moving. The breath becomes fast, shallow, and up in the higher heart area. The body gets warm, ready to run, but there is nothing really there to run from. The symptoms can become so intense a person might believe they are having a heart attack or stroke. Yet, there is no actual emergency, its just an anxious illusion our bodies put us through.

There have been times anxiety hit me and I ended up running to the restroom every few minutes (personal information, I know!) Most of the time an anxiety attack will calm down from 7-20 minutes. Yet, I have had a panic attack that has lasted more than 30-45 minutes! It all depends on the trigger and how my body decides it wants to deal with it all. ( I will write more about panic attacks, panic disorder and other anxiety related issues in future blog posts! This is just a kick off to the subject. We are only getting started!

There are many ways to calm the system and actually reprogram the responses by tapping into the subconscious through hypnosis. It is amazing what a hypnotic suggestion can do to help! There are other means of calming our bodies system down during an anxiety episode. Stick with me!

You can find a great deal of information about anxiety, the disorders it can create, and how to deal with it by reading about it on the Mayo Clinic website. The link and credits are below. (Or you can simply stick with me and my blog information. There is still much to learn if you are new to the experience of having anxiety. Even if you are anxious quite often there are so many things to learn that can help!

Please feel free to comment and post information about your personal experiences!

Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2022 "Anxiety Disorders" Web:

** Disclaimer: Dr. Rev. Jenine's blog and information is not meant to take the place of medical advice. Please seek medical assistance through a qualified medical professional.

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