Be Sure You Know What You Are Dealing With When it Comes to Anxiety

Updated: Jun 28

When I was in my late teens and early 20's I used to drive through a great deal of traffic on my way home from work. I am not talking about a large stream of traffic but bumper -to- bumper stalled traffic. It took me at least an hour to make a 25- minute trip home. I was stressed daily and so tired from working all day long. All I could think of was getting home and finally eating dinner, relaxing, and not worrying about traffic.

In the process, I used to often get the shakes like I was having a sugar drop. It became so bad I usually traveled with extra food to eat on the way home. The food took my mind off of the traffic anyway! Even though my medical exams never could show I had any low blood sugar issues, the episodes continued to occur. Over time I came to realize it was not a sugar drop at all. The food helped but it also took my mind off of the traffic while I was eating. It was not until quite a few years later I realized I was suffering from the stress of my day and anxiety. Comfort food seemed to help so I assumed my body needed it to keep up my sugar levels.

This is a good lesson on never assuming anything is true until we have solid evidence of what is really going on. Now I can look back and recognize the signs. I had shaking hands, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, and higher heart breath. I realized over time my body could act like I am hungry but what was really happening was an anxiety attack. Food just became a distraction from what was happening to me.

This brings me to a couple of really important points. Before you assume you know what is happening, get a complete medical diagnosis to rule out any real physical problems. If everything comes back normal and there is no reason for further testing, you might be suffering from anxiety from stress or any other trigger. Anxiety attacks can feel like a sugar drop and make you feel hungry and thirsty, among other things.

Try some deep belly breathing and meditative breathing to see if your symptoms begin to get better. Consider when your episodes occur and if they are at the same time every day or fluctuate. Keep a record of when you have them and see if anything correlates with your episodes. Sometimes the effects of caffeine in coffee can have a strong effect on certain people later on in the day. If your episodes seem to be linked to caffeine or even processed sugar it might be time for a diet change.

Sometimes hypnosis can reveal subconscious reasons for anxiety or nervousness. Hypnosis sessions can help tap into your subconscious mind to draw out stressors you might not be aware of. Booking sessions with me would be extremely beneficial in discovery of issues that are hidden from your conscious mind. When meditative sessions are combined with hypnosis and talk sessions, some powerful changes have an opportunity to take place! I highly recommend giving these sessions a chance to help with your anxiety issues. Just remember to get a full medical examination to make sure your problems are not coming from a physical issue first. Even if you have physical problems you will still benefit from the hypnosis and meditative sessions.

Don't leave your life to chance or assumption concerning episodes occurring that might be stress and anxiety! There are solutions to help you cope and live a free life. ** My sessions are not to take the place of medical advice from a medical doctor but to enhance your journey while dealing with other issues, especially anxiety!

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