Do You Relate to This Grief Feeling?

Updated: Jun 28

Grief is not always crying. Sometimes it is a deep heaviness inside the heart area. I often describe it as feeling like a load of bricks are sitting on the chest and inside the heart. The energy center of the heart is affected by this feeling and usually goes out of balance from lack of release. It's our bodies signal it wants to release something.

It feels like a stopped up well wanting to open up and spill out all of its contents but something is creating a barrier to the release process. When this happens strain is placed on the body from a lack of ease. It's alright, as long as we know this is what is happening. Learn to recognize when you are like a stopped up drain and need to release.

Release can be crying but it can also come from talking to someone you trust, finding laughter through a friend, or having some energy release work done by a professional energy healer. When I feel like a stopped up drain sometimes I put on music I am sure will make me cry. I know it sounds harsh, and not always convenient but it helps me to release. Grief is never convenient. It comes and goes when it wants to, just like the ocean's tide. The key to surviving it all is to learn to ride the tide and let it be as it is needed.

I like to follow my emotional release with an energy release session as well. Our energy centers can become just as clogged. When this happens we definitely feel it. We have energy in our bodies but also outside of us too. The imbalance of our energy centers can be felt all around us and in our lives. When my heart center feels clogged, or out of balance, nothing seems to go right in life. It's almost like release in every way possible is the magic key here.

Grieving a loss can be life altering. Believe me, I know. Ease is the key; and to remember this is YOUR journey through grief. No one else can do it for you or alter the course. Remember to allow yourself the freedom to grieve as you need to. Trust the process. I know it is hard when we are going through it, but there is a better day coming where things will not be as hard. Make sure to use every tool given to you as you feel led through your grief journey. Your heart will thank you for it!

If you have gone through a difficult loss, make sure you have someone compassionate to listen. Book some energy healing, get some balancing, and allow yourself to release in all areas of your existence. Your heart and body are a treasure. Remember this as you travel your journey. Blog, journal, connect, reflect, and release! These are all important tools to use along the way.

Help is here when you need it! If your heart feels heavy and it is time to release, consider booking a session with me to begin some of the release process. Your heart center is a very important area of your body; both physical and spiritual. Take care of it all and you will come through just fine. Maybe your loss will never change, but you can survive and move forward with life. Give yourself the time you need.

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie

Book a session with me for energy release or a talk session by calling or texting 832-484-8306 or sending an email to USA calls only, please! Blessings to you!

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