Healing Vibrations of Rose Quartz Crystals

Updated: Jun 28

The rose quartz crystal is known for its energy assistance for pain, sorrow and trauma. Crystals carry with them energy and since we also embody energy, crystals can greatly assist us in areas where our energy attracts the need for them.

If you are experiencing pain, grief, trauma, or heartache, lay down on a soft surface. This can be a bed or couch. Place a rose quartz crystal upon the heart area right at the top of the breastbone. Take some deep breaths in and out. Relax with each breath. As you breathe normally, allow the energy of the crystal to assist in clearing your heart space. Close your eyes and visualize the sweet energy of the rose crystal entering into your heart space. Allow whatever emotions this sparks to come to the surface and let them "be". Trust and allow in all things.

Trust in healing and allow healing to come. Call upon healing in your thoughts. If you need to cry, then allow the tears. Tears water the soul and cleanse the heart area from trauma, anger, unforgiveness, or grief. Your heart space has an upper heart energy area and central area. See energy circling the entire area from the top of your chest to almost your belly button. Allow some beautiful white light to come in and circle clockwise around in that area. Keep breathing. When thoughts come to you, notice them, but let them go. Be the observer of your process and allow healing to make its way toward you and inside of you.

If your loss or heartache includes the loss of a relationship, imagine love, forgiveness and kindness moving toward that person you are estranged from. Forgive that person right at that moment and send love to them. Allow your heart to expand in this love. Let peace arise in all things you experience in this moment.

If you need assistance in heart cleansing, please don't hesitate to call me for an hour heart cleansing and clearing session. We all need this from time to time. Let your healing begin....now. 832-484-8306 for an hour session!

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie

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