People Pleasing Can Contribute to Anxiety

Do you ever feel overwhelmed because of too many demands from others? Or maybe you feel like you have people in your life because you can't seem to tell them "no" for fear of offending them. Sometimes we keep connections we don't even desire because we pressure ourselves through people-pleasing. We think or believe if we don't give others what they want, the offense we might create reflects on our worth.

Living to please others or "people-pleasing" is not serving, it's a sign of a lack of boundaries on our part. Service is when we give from our personal cup that is overflowing. This is a joy! When we give of a cup that is empty or depleted we serve no one. We are people-pleasing. People pleasing can cause so much anxiety in your life! When you people-please you create issues within yourself. The issues can be anxiety, regret, nervousness, resentment, depression, depletion, and sometimes even adrenal fatigue.

Hear me in this; your worth does not depend on whether others receive from you or not! In addition, you get to choose who is in your life. Your personal circle is a personal choice. You are not less of a person, nor are you a bad person, because you decide someone does not belong in your life. You have a perfect right to shut out anyone who demands too much, is offensive, expects more of you than you want to give or you are simply not compatible with!

When left unmanaged, people-pleasing habits can cause a great deal of anxiety. Sometimes we even become anxious because we set a perfectly fair boundary and someone does not like it. The need to be accepted or liked by others can overflow into a drainage ditch for your emotional health. Remember, the number one person that should accept and like you, is YOU!

If you have trouble with telling others "no" or with pleasing others because of the excessive need to be accepted, consider some sessions with me to help you overcome some of those difficult to break patterns. Much of what you could be experiencing has been programmed into your subconscious mind, and life, due to situations while you were growing up. Before you get into blaming your caregivers while growing up, take charge of your life and fix the broken parts as an adult. This can be the most freeing part of your life if you allow it to be!

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie

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