The Motivation and Magic of Movement

Movement is an amazing thing! It means things, life, and issues are passing along just like scenery going by while driving in a car. When we move and have our being in the sweet presence of God within us that same presence moves us outwardly as well.

Movement has a magic all of its own. We never are meant to stand still in life. Standing in water that has no movement creates stagnation. Only water that has movement is filled with life and vitality. We are the same.

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or grief, continue to move in your life. Sometimes we have to force ourselves but it is always worth it to have a new perspective or a new area in life to grow and expand. Movement begets movement. What we put out there in the universe will always multiply. We are told in the bible to be fruitful and multiply. Multiplication comes from fruitfulness and movement. We gain momentum in life by allowing ourselves to be moved onward. When the universe and powers that "be" notice we are creating force in our lives then it reciprocates with a like force that keeps us moving.

Since like attracts like we are motivated to keep on going merely by the excitement that movement can bring. If your life becomes stale then depression can set in by sitting in darkness and not moving forward. The bible tells us if we are sitting in darkness then God will be the light that brings us through. Notice in this statement, not only light is brought into life but also a drawing through into more life.

If you need motivation to draw through, seek out the light in spiritual exploration. Find the power of God in the light to help draw you forward. Light reflected onto the human body through the eyes will combat depression. The light of God will help keep you motivated and combat your stagnation.

Helping you to grow your life and loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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