This is the Air YOU Should Breathe! Breath is Life.

I remember while in church singing a song that stated, "This is the air I breathe". The song is a statement of the spirit of God dwelling inside, and the air that is breathed is the breath of God. We begin our lives with breath and when it is time to leave our bodies our breath is gone from it. Air is life. Breath is life.

When anxiety, depression, or grief hits...BREATHE! I am not talking about higher heart breathing but deep belly breathing. Every time you breathe in and out slowly and deliberately affirm, "I am breathing in the breath of God. I am sustained and kept safe at this moment and always. I am breathing in peace. I am breathing in wholeness. I am breathing in life." You can say these affirmations in your head while placing your hand on your heart or out loud. I often place one hand on my heart and one on my belly.

When I had my babies I used to rub their bellies gently clockwise when they were fussy or not feeling well. The same feeling of calm can come over you if you gently circle your tummy with your hand. There is a calming and peaceful effect that comes from the assurance of breath and the gentleness of touch.

When anxiety comes over me because I am too much in my head I center myself with breath and gentle touch. Sometimes I lay flat on my back with my knees up and place one ankle over my knee. Then I rub my foot with some lotion or cream. Feet can literally feel everything! They will feel your stress and they will feel your comfort. There is a major chakra (energy center) that is in each foot that can ground you into the earth. Grounding is a great practice when life is filled with turmoil or anxiety.

If you don't know how to ground, let a pro help you with that! We can spend an hour over the phone while you close your eyes and ground, balance, ease tension and breathe! I've been told I can be very soothing. I believe that is true. Sometimes the sound of another's voice is enough to calm the stormy seas of emotions in life.

Consider booking an hour session with me. Or look forward to some of my "meditate with me videos" I will be producing for you to access. These will be uploads you can purchase and keep. If you would like to access my YouTube channel to get acquainted with my voice, then please do so! While you are there subscribe! I would love to have you! You can access my "Meet Me At The Beach At Sunset" series, still in process. I am doing them slowly as spirit allows me. The videos are meant to be processed slowly and over time. There is some breathwork and a lot of visualization. The videos will give you an idea of what it is like to do a meditative session with me either by phone or zoom.

Remember, you have so much to look forward to! Life can be stressful. Let your heartbeat with the pulse of the planet and your breath be in sync with God!

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie

832-484-8306 to book a session. No spam, please!

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