"I take private sessions and confidentiality very seriously. This is why my workshops are not conducted in groups! It is more important to me to connect personally and privately with my clients. Therefore, please keep this in mind when scheduling!"

Thank you, Jenine 

Anxiety and Depression Session Package Suggestion: 

(Or individual sessions)

6- Weekly Life Directional and Guidance Sessions by phone, zoom, or in-person locally each for one hour

Life Directional Guidance Sessions include talk, spiritual principles, intuitive guidance, and practical metaphysical concepts. All sessions are different for every person and have their own flow. 


2- Anxiety and Depression Balancing and Discovery Energy Work Sessions

Energy sessions can be done in the same manner as talk sessions and include chakra balancing, intuitive and talk discovery, and Reiki Energy Healing

2- Hypnosis Sessions recorded to use throughout the workshop time and keep forever! 

Hypnosis has been widely and effectively used to tap into the unconscious mind and reprogram unwanted thoughts and habits. These are yours to keep to continue to use as often as desired! 

6- Meditations recordings for each week of the workshop program for you to keep! 

Use one meditation per week to help with relaxation, mindfulness, clarity, and focus. These recordings are yours to keep and use as often as desired!

1- Anxiety and depression PDF workbook with 6 weekly prompts with journaling space 

My written workbook to accompany your journey in PDF format with journal prompts for each of your six weeks on this journey! 

Remember: Every journey begins with one step! Make one today and grow your life new! 

**Disclaimer: Dr. Rev. Jenine's Sessions do not take the place of the advice of your physician or therapist but to add to them! Namaste! 

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD
Energy Adjustment Master,
Energy Clairvoyant,
Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master
Directional Life Coach/Transpersonal Style Counseling
Meditation Guide,