Jenine Marie's Services 

"My greatest privilege in life is to give others tools to achieve the awakening needed to move beyond the painful parts of life and excel in the passions of life. I use a mixture of techniques to help you transcend your life's struggles. I accomplish this through private confidential services and self-study courses. Please message me for details." Jenine Marie 


Look for Jenine's Recorded Meditations, created courses, and Hypnosis Sessions to help you grow!  

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie uses transpersonal, spiritual, metaphysical, and spiritual gifts in her sessions. She has added hypnosis to benefit reprogramming and understanding what is coming from the subconscious mind. Among her many degrees, she is an ordained minister. 
**Transpersonal Counseling- as described by Psychology Today 

"Transpersonal therapy is used to treat anxietydepression, addictions, phobias, and other mood and behavioral problems. Those who are open to exploring their spiritual side, becoming more spiritually aware, or finding a spiritual path, or who are having trouble finding meaning in their life, may benefit from transpersonal therapy."

**Disclaimer: Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry does not operate as a licensed clinical therapist but uses more of a broad spectrum of methods within her practice. Her services are not meant to take the place of a clinical therapist or medical advice but to add to them. 

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